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ltguysuniversal - USA - 02/04/06
your site is excellently designed.keep going.

Peggy Greason - USA - 01/29/06
A wonderful tribute to Mrs. Nurman and all Holocaust survivors.

Thank you!

Stan Bialek (b52stan) - USA - 11/27/05
A necessary reminder, and a well deserved tribute.

Donnie - USA - 11/11/05
and we sometimes think we have it so bad, how fortunate I am not to have gone thru your Mom and Dads experience. Thanks for sharing.

April - USA - 06/20/05
I am fascinated by the stories of holocaust survivors. It amazes me that anyone could not only survive the physical torture and starvation, but survive the emotional and mental exhaustion. I feel my spirit would have been broken within a week. But I suppose the human mind works in ways we will never understand. I literally feel sick reading the terrible things people had to witness, and endure. And the sickness not only comes from WHAT they witnessed and comes from knowing that these things were brought on by their FELLOW MAN. It's absurd, horrific, and utterly unspeakable how someone can treat another HUMAN BEING with such atrocity.

AE (yeah ae) - USA - 06/19/05
freddie... thankyou for your story and your insight. love to you and yours..

Carol Reed - USA - 04/23/05
Freddie, Light and Love to you and your family.

Thank you for the courage it takes to have your words and experiences 'out there' for the world to see.

Renee - USA - 01/27/05
Such horrific experiences, a horror that there is no escape from, and that will last a life time. But from which life lessons can be learned. To treasure each other, and our freedoms. To be thankful that our problems, and complaints are SO trivial in comparison.

zoe - Scotland - 01/04/05
So special Nitrous. A truly amazing site that I shall show to my children. x

Simon Lewis - USA - 11/30/03
Please send me a copy of your book by email. My maternal grandmother was born near Warsaw and last saw her parents in 1931.Her siblings perished and her parents and many more family and friend.One relative miraculously escaped to the Soviet Union and returned to Poland after WW2 to discover that nobody had survived from the family.He left for a DP camp and found refuge in the USA, Chicago. We can always have use for our memories and use them for some hessed shel emess for those that cannot return.

Vicki Picciuolo - USA - 09/11/03
This is a very moving site. Thank you for this. We cannot forget what happened in Germany. It cannot happen again. Bless you all.

Elizabeth Mills - USA - 09/11/03
This site is a moving, beautiful, and heartbreaking tribute not only to Mrs. Nurman, but to the millions who died in the death camps. God bless Mrs. Nurman, a true survivor.

Tami Beck - USA - 05/02/03
Freddie, What a wonderful thing for you to do for your mother. I have no doubt she is very proud of you.

Katrina - USA - 04/08/03
I think that you mother was a very brave, and also pretty woman. I am doing a presentation of her in my Holocaust class. I hope to represent her as best as possible so others can learn from her story and never, ever repeat this horrible event. God Bless You and Yours.

Linda Hubbard - USA - 12/24/02
I am so sorry for the pain that you have gone through.I know that words cannot take the pain away but maybe better understanding will.I have always believed that the Jewish raceis Gods chosen people and that Anyone who harms them in ant way will pay for it some day.Im not good at putting thoughts into words, but hope you understand that in my heart I understand.God Bless you all.

snickers - USA - 11/27/02
There are days that I am ashamed to be part of the human race after reading your mothers story it is one of those days. In my heart I hope and pray that this will never happen again but I now that there are heartless people still out there. I am so glad that your parents survived or the world would never have gotten to know the very special person we all know and love. I hope that the rest of your family's life be filled with love and peace.

Rian Dean - USA - 09/16/02
Sobering. What more can be said. It is my sincere prayer that nothing like this is ever permitted to happen again! We must be ever vigilant, as it is the Leaders of Nations that do this; Not the people.

Rose Manning - USA - 09/16/02
Your mom was so very courageous. Thank you for sharing you story with us, Mrs. Nurman.

Great site, Freddie.

Rebecca - USA - 09/15/02
I'm glad that your site has been restored. Your mother's story and that of your family needs to be told. We must never forget...

Woody - USA - 09/15/02
In many ways this is a tribute to all survivors of oppression and bigotry. May this site endure forever, keep this in our memories, so none will ever expeience the horrors of the past.

Frank L. Cowsert Jr. - USA - 09/15/02
Freddie, and Wheis:

Incredible website!

The message is very important. More so every day.

"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."

Anonymous - USA - 09/15/02
I havent read the rest of the story, but your Grandmothers words touched my heart. Told in simple words, it is easier to understand her daily life than what history books have tried to teach us. Your Grandmother would be a great teacher, and may her words live on to remind people of the cruelty of others who think they should be the controllers of other people's destinys. I know I will weep when I read the rest, but the short excerpt has only made me want to know her more........

Rikki - USA - 09/15/02
What a moving and well done tribute,certainly gives one a lot to think about,especially in the trying times we are living in now.

Walk In Beauty

Monica Thomas - USA - 09/15/02
beautiful and moving website. thankyou for this, you have done a great service to the community. ...

Barbara - USA - 09/15/02
Very touching story. I can't wait to read the rest. I read it with tears, because of the horror that these people suffered at the hands of a madman. To comdemn people for their different beliefs is absurd. What a great country we live in now, that allows us the diversity and rich heritage of so many different cultures. I'm so happy that Rachel Nurman survided her ordeal, and was not silenced. I'm saddened for the loss of her loved ones, and the thousands of other lives lost needlessly. Thank god she was able to continue her heritage through her children and grandchildren. Her voice will be heard. God has a special place for all of us, but I believe an even more special place for those who have conquered the evils of this world and lived on to not only remain sane, but loving, and able to teach others about love and life. May god bless you Rachel, and your loving family... and the loving memories of those who have gone before you.

Linda - USA -
Mankind indeed did fail. What happened all those years ago should NEVER have been allowed. The Holocaust affected many, many lives back then and still today takes it's toll on people. People who had no close experience with it like myself, can't even begin to imagine the dreams of terror and the shattered souls that came from that black period in time. How anything so terrible could have occured is beyond my comprehension. I pray nothing so dreadful will ever be allowed to happen again, to anyone, ever!

Anonymous - USA -
Dear Freddie, It's hard at this very moment to stop sharing the tears with you. Thus the reason emerges why I always knew you were a special person. Thank you for giving me something, so special, to share with my children. Thank you Rachel, for giving us a part of you. Freddie, you make me laugh, when you recount that you remember my mother bringing me home from the hospital when I was born. Here is to another 35 years! L, S

opalsilk - USA -
I was in my mothers belly when the Germans were bombing in Europe ..somehow I felt her fea--r I was raised in england and one day found a copy of "Scourge of the Swastika "hidden behind the radio..I saw the pictures of the death camps and on that day I lost my innocence and was never the same again..that men could do this to men was so profoundly disturbing to my childs mind .that I was changed forever..and still am .I somehow understood what it was for a spirit- rich , talented hearty people to be so abused in such a horrific manner by mndless heartless I dont know perhaps something passed from my mother to me in her belly..II can only say for every child woman and man who whimpered in the dark betrayed by mankind , my heart breaks and continues to break .if I could've held each and every one of them in my arms and just let them know that someone cared someone heard I would ..this may not make sense because I am crying and not thinking after reading this account ..the keys are wet as I write but horror is all ever thought it could be and worse much ..worse .I will never forget you or them... never--- if there is one little ray of light I hope I I can make you feel that I hear your cry the darkness of that awful night of the soull , that black hell= I heard you ..and weep for you I cannot say no more

Dear Freddie,,,,,,,, I read your tribute to your mother, Rachel. As a close friend of the family for many years, I knew that your mother was a special lady who gave everything to you, your brother Hesh and your sister Rosalie. Best of luck to you and your family, Michael Shapiro.

Kay - USA -
I was in tears while reading your mothers story. It was heartwrenching to read about the torture and abuse she endured. There is a lesson in her story for all of us and hopefully the past wont be repeated in the future. Thanks for sharing her story.

Anonymous - USA -
From learning about your mother, I have learned what lies behind those beautiful blue eyes of yours - the pain, the depth, the quietness that was always somewhat of a mystery to a simple farm girl from Indiana. Your mother is a jewel and you are her gift to us, to the world.......Thank you, Rachel.

Anonymous - USA -
That site is breathtaking for many reasons....and heart rending. What a remarkable thing you have created.

In your mother's case....."the heart does go on......"

Anonymous - USA -
I liked your mom's site very much. What a great idea for a web page and how much more meaningful than most of them! How did you do that with the pictures, getting them to change every so many seconds???? And the pictures .. ::::sigh:::: brought home your mom's story even more.

Anonymous - USA -
What an incredible tribute to your mom..... incredible story... awesome web site!! It's quite moving, the graphics are perfect...... the layout is simple, plain, yet tells a powerful story.

Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous - USA -
Your Mom's memoirs touched me so very deeply, and yes, I suspect that her recollections have changed me and some of my views forever. Particularly my view of the true freedom and liberty we have in this nation. Please tell your Mom of the profound impact her story has had on me. I'll never forget her words and the incredible sadness she and her family endured.

Her story should be read by all Americans if for no other reason than to re-gain perspective about what we have and are able to enjoy on a daily basis.

Kevin - USA -
Awesome website! Extremely and deeply emotionally penetrating. My thanks to Mrs. Nurman for sharing her pain and suffering with so many. Your strength is admirable and your ability to turn something so horrible into a lesson we can all grow from pales the definition of "commendable". Again, thank you.

Anonymous - USA -
The site is a wonderful tribute to those who made it through that terrible time in history.

Thanks to your mom for sharing her experiences and reminding us all that surviving is a living testament of history we hope never repeats itself.

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